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About Steve

I worked in the financial services industry from more than 30 years, studying meditation, at first, as a hobby. Following a number of major life events, I decided that it was time for a change of career and pace, and so retrained as a life coach with Europe’s premier coaching organisation. During this time I also studied life laundry techniques and quickly became convinced of the tremendous benefits that could be gained from combining some or all of the elements of these disciplines.

My journey began when, in the mid-1990s, my first wife developed breast cancer. I cared for and supported her through every stage of her operations and treatments, and nursed her at home until her death in 1999.

The difficult task of rebuilding my life was eased by the invaluable services of a wide range of professional therapists. They showed me how to harness my own inner strengths and resources, and set me on a path of study and self-discovery.

That journey caused me to look to the future as well as within, and took me down many byways before leading me into my new career. I am now ready to pass on what I learned to others.

Along the way, I remarried and became a father for the first time, a happy and profoundly life-changing (and certainly not stress-free) conclusion to a turbulent period in my life.

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